Our services

We've got it covered!

As a full-service agency, we bring together multiple platforms, channels and experiences, making sure your brand messages are making headlines, and getting shares and followers.


media engagement

A few convenient column inches aren’t enough to get your brand noticed. We’ve got the media contacts to build a whole brand story on air, in print and online.  


Content production

You need killer content not just for days, but for weeks and months as well. We’ve got the team to deliver cost-effective, engaging content in words, images and video.


social media strategy

Knowing how to stop a scroll-happy audience in their tracks is essential. We’ve got the strategies and content to grab and keep their attention.


events management

If you’re looking to deliver a peak experience that perfectly defines your brand, we can make it a day, night or whole weekend to remember.


Celebrity partnership

Choosing a personality as the face of your brand isn’t just about how famous they are. We’ll help you partner with celebrities who have the right profile and an authentic passion for your brand. 



Influencer collaborations

Having the right social media influencers on your side can do wonders for your stats and profile. We keep tabs on our database of select influencers to get your brand more likes, shares and follows.